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My journey into the world of programming started at a young age, fuelled by wanting to understand how computers work. I taught myself how to make some basic websites using HTML and CSS, and then quickly moved on to learn PHP.

I entered the world of professional development in Kilkenny, Ireland as a freelancer, working on creating WordPress plugins and themes, and setting up e-commerce platforms. While working for myself had its advantages, I wanted to experience working with teams on larger projects.

I then decided to leave Ireland to move to Canada on a working holiday visa. While there I had the chance to work with some amazing people at both Motbot and U.B.C's Library I.T. services team. When my working holiday ended, I moved to London, England where I started working at Kobas, a company that creates software for the hospitality industry.

I'm an advocate for open-source software and I'm always trying to open source what I'm working on as much as possible. I try to keep all my personal projects open source, and I'm aiming to do more in this area moving forward.

I'm comfortable with programming in a lot of programming languages, but my two favourites are Python for file parsing/web scraping/console commands and PHP for web projects. Front-end development-wise I'm a fan of ReactJS.



February 2023

Started working at Bumble


June 2016

Started working at Kobas

May 2016

Moved to London, UK


January 2015

Started working at UBC


May 2014

Moved to Vancouver, Canada

June 2014

Started working at Motbot


Kilkenny, Ireland

January 2010

Started working as a PHP freelancer.