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A Peek Into My Journey

Hey there! I'm a coding enthusiast turned professional, starting my journey with the ABCs of HTML and CSS. It wasn't long before PHP and I became best buddies, laying a solid foundation for my web development adventures.

My professional saga began in the quaint town of Kilkenny, Ireland, as a freelance developer. I dove into the world of WordPress, crafting plugins and themes, and exploring the realms of e-commerce. It was more than just coding; it was about bringing ideas to life and mastering the art of collaboration.

My next chapter unfolded in Canada, where I joined the University of British Columbia's Library IT Services. This experience was a game-changer, enhancing my tech skills and teaching me the art of interpersonal communication.

While I'm a backend development aficionado, I didn't shy away from using ReactJS for this website. I admire its flair but just so you know, frontend isn't my main stage.

Recently, I've been flirting with Golang and wading into the exciting waters of artificial intelligence, specifically working on GPT integrations. It's a thrilling new frontier!

Currently, I'm part of a leading dating app company, diving into innovative projects and constantly evolving. I'm also looking to sprinkle some open-source magic into my work, marrying my professional goals with my passion for open-source principles.

A chapter of my story also includes a deep dive into hospitality technology during my time at Kobas. It's an experience that has enriched my understanding of this unique sector.

As a tech enthusiast, I'm committed to the open-source community. My toolkit is pretty diverse, ranging from Python for backend magic, PHP for web wizardry, to my growing expertise in Golang and AI tech.