About Me

Hi, I'm Sean!

I spend most of my time programming and playing video games. If you are on this site, you probably already know me. But on the off-chance that I've posted something useful and you now want to know more about the man behind the article here is some information about me.

I started learning HTML at ten years old to make a Harry Potter fansite, from there, I started learning PHP at thirteen years old, to make an online text-based multiplayer game.

At seventeen, I started to pursue freelance work, mainly focused on Wordpress plugins and themes. Eventually, in 2012 I ended up in W.I.T studying for a BSc in Applied Computing, shortly into that course, I decided that I was learning more from work than college and decided to abandon it.

In 2014 I decided to take a working holiday visa and move to Vancouver, Canada. While there, I initially worked in a start-up called Motbot, working on their testing platform for phone carriers.

In 2015, I joined U.B.C's Library I.T. services team, working on the Open Collections project, one of the few things I've worked on that will probably outlive me. During my time there I picked up AngularJS, Python and somehow Perl.

In 2016, I left Vancouver and moved to London, England. I joined a start-up called Kobas, working on making software for the hospitality industry. I still work there today and have picked up ReactJS and a lot of DevOps knowledge.

I've had this website going since 2006, and it has transformed several times. My aim with the current iteration is to have a comfortable place to re-access information I use daily and share interesting/helpful things with the community.

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