PyroCMS – CMS on the CodeIgnitor Framework

PyroCMS – CMS on the CodeIgnitor Framework

Update as of August 2020 - PyroCMS now relies upon Laravel.

So lately I’ve been playing around with PyroCMS , for any of you who don’t know about Pyro, its basically an open source content management solution that iss based on the CodeIgnitor framework. What does that mean you ask?

  • MVC design pattern. (Model->View->Controller)
  • Security, Cross-Site Request Forgery protection, XSS filtering and very secure password encryption.
  • Caching, in order to achieve maximum performance.
  • Translated into 16 languages!
  • Extremely lightweight!
  • Support for modules, themes, plugins and widgets!
  • Multi – Site Manager (In Pro Version £45 )

Really it takes the pain out of making your standard websites, you’ll have an area where the client can update their website in a simple environment and thanks to ‘permissions’ you can be sure they won’t mess anything up!

Of course there is always going to be a stage when your better off without a framework, but for projects that it will work for, PyroCMS will save you a BUNCH of time!

Posted on August 14, 2011