Control Your Windows PC with an Xbox Controller

Control Your Windows PC with an Xbox Controller

Today I’m going to walk you through setting up an xbox controller to work on your computer and control the mouse / keyboard.

First your going to need an Xbox Controller that works on Windows . If you already have an Xbox controller you can just pick up one of these receivers . (Both links to Amazon, you can find on eBay cheaper).

Next you’ll need to install the drivers for the controller. You can find them on Microsoft’s website here .

Now you should be able to connect your controller to the computer and play any games using it. However you can’t use it to control the mouse yet. What we will need to do next is download JoyToKey from here . I went with the latest Beta version however you can also download the stable (v 4.6 at time of writing).

Now you can edit the configuration of what you’d like each button to do using the JoyToKey GUI.

Posted on January 25, 2012